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General terms and conditions

Camping l'Évasion’s sun logotype located in the Lot

General terms and conditions

of camping l'Évasion

Campsite **** located in the Lot

I - Booking

The reception will confirmed the booking when they will received the booking form and the deposit of 30% (of the total amount).


The total amount must be payed to l’Évasion 30 days before your arrival. Your invoice will then be sending to the guest.

If the stay has not been payed thirty days before the arrival, the stay will be automatically cancelled.
In case of no-show or if the full amount has not been payed, the stay will be cancelled and the deposit could not be refunded.

Not included in the rate :
* heating (in extra) depending on the accommodation,
* tourist taxe (in extra),
* pets (in extra)
* extra (extra person or pets)
* visitors (full day)
* application fees and departure fees

In any case, all the extras must be paid the day before the departure.


A deposit of 300€ wil be required upon the arrival (250€ for the material and 50€ for housekeeping). The deposit can be paid by cheque, cash (the reception will give an invoice) or credit card. The deposit cannot be charged during the stay. The deposit will be send it back by post 15 days maximum after the departure. In case of degradation, the deposit will be charged and an invoice will be sent to the guests with the total amount of the damage.

IV-Last minute booking

The booking must be payed thirty days before the arrival


Our changeover day is saturday. Check in is at 4pm and check out at 10am. We have a minimum stay of seven days during peak season. Please let the reception knows if there is a missing item in the accommodation at your arrival (we shall provide an inventory). A verification will be done at the departure. The accommodation must be as clean as it was at the arrival of the guests. Cleaning pack in extra.

An extra of 30€ will be required if the guest leave with the key of the accommodation.


Check in is between 4pm to 7pm. In case of cancellation or late arrival, please contact the reception 05 65 30 80 09.

Check out is at 10am. You are very welcome to use our facilities after your departure.


We recommend to choose a cancellation insurance.
The cancellation insurance must be payed at the same time of booking and is non refundable.
In case of damage, please let the reception knows (maximum five days after the damage).
General terms and conditions in case of cancellation are availale on our website :
If the guest must shorten the stay, the cancellation insurance will allows the guest to get a refund of the rest of the stay.

The campsite shall not proceid with refund if the guest does not have a cancellation insurance.


Any extra person added to the booking will change the contract which the campsite could cancel.


The tenant must have a multiple-risk household insurance with a travelling clause.

X - Litigation

The commercial court of Lot will be in charge of any litigation regarding the general terms and conditions.
The campsite have a third party liability insurance.

XI-Cancellation made by the campsite

The campsite can cancel a stay for the following reasons :
• Force majeur
• Strikes
• Political raising
• Epidemics
• Trade-union issue
• Laws
• Regulations demanded by the Government

In case of a misstep of a department to supply a service, the campsite could offers a compensation. In this case, any resot will be prohibited.

Our regulation is made in order to improve our guest's stays.

XII - Accommodations stocktake

Each rental is made up of :

- usual crockery : cutlery sets, plates (dinner plates, bowls, dessert plates), glass (small and big drinking glass, wine glass), bowls or mugs,
- kitchen utensil : kitchen knife, bread knife, peeler, wooden spatula, soup spoon, salad cutlery, skimmer, carafe, corkscrew, can opener, colander, tray, table mat, chopping beard, salad spinner, frying pan, saucepans (average and/or big and/or small,) stewpot including a lid, salad bowl and service plate
- small electrical : microwave, cafetiere, fridge, toaster (only in the 7 people or more accommodations)
- housekeeping equipment : broom, shovel and short-handled brush, mop or fringe broom, bucket and basin.
- outside equipment : garden table, garden chairs, washing lines for laundry and armchairs.
- Household linen : coverts and pillows per bed. SHEETS, BATH TOWEL & HOUSEHOLD LINEN NOT INCLUDED.

The accommodation equipment is adapted to the number of the party, the list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the accommodations.

XIII - Bunk beds

According to safety requirements, the bunk bed is not suitable for children under 6 years old.

XIV - Accommodations existence

- Chalets 40 41 42 43 44 > to 15years old
- Chalets 27 28 25 24 23 16 13 12 8 5 6 7 4 3 2 56 57 58 53 54 55 : > to 15years old
- Safari lodge : between 5 and 10 yeards old
- Kiwi : > 10 years old
- Mobile home 4/6 people : > 10 years old
- XXL mobile home : between 5 and 10 years old

We restore and convert all our accommodations regurlaly since 2018.

XV - Consumption intermediary

08 99 49 31 75